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A Voice Without Reason

Love at All Cost Series (Book #1)

We all know the story…

Time stops. They feel a zing course through their bodies. The air crackles between them. Their breaths hitch. 

As a romance author, I’ve written my fair share of static electricity moments. But that’s fiction. No one actually finds their soulmate.

Or so I thought.

Meeting Julian was unexpected, wonderful, and… possibly fate? He makes me feel things I didn’t think happened outside the pages of my favorite books.

For us, true love isn’t only found on ink and paper. We could have a perfect epilogue ending… if he wasn’t under contract as my new audiobook narrator.


Not Her Villain

Love at All Cost Series (Book #2)


Writing a book about a morally gray billionaire is simple. Not falling for one is far from it.


Benedict Turner has made a name for himself dismantling smaller publishing houses and destroying authors’ careers in the process. When the flirtatious Brit agrees to a quick interview for my book research, the last thing I expect is the charming, sexy billionaire to sweep me off my feet.

Despite being a walking red flag who doesn’t like pineapple on pizza, considers a nightly run a good time, and insisting soccer is football, he isn’t the morally gray man I thought he would be.

He claims he’s a villain—and I should probably heed his warning—but even villains deserve a happily ever after.

Maybe in Fifty - A Novella

Love at All Cost Series (Book #3)

"Night isn't over until one of us has to leave."

After my latest book release didn't do as well as I'd hoped, I need a distraction. Flirting with a hot Scot in a hotel bar is the perfect solution.

It certainly beats drowning my sorrows with whiskey sours.

For one night, I'll forget about my book and allow myself to be charmed by a stranger... one who could ruin me if I dare ask for more.

*Contains spoilers for A Voice Without Reason and Not Her Villain


Unexpectedly Ruined

Love at All Cost Series (Book #4)


It was only supposed to be one night…

After our amazing night in New York, I never thought I'd see my hot Scot again. Months later, Jack has unexpectedly stumbled into my life, proving that fate has other plans for us.

He's the golden retriever of golden retrievers, the cinnamon roll of cinnamon rolls… until we're behind closed doors. I should run far away from this perfect man, but no matter how hard I try to fight it, I still want him as much as I did the night we met.

As a romantic suspense author, I'm not qualified to help him on his quest for fortune and glory. Yet, here I am, in a dreary Scottish castle, with a man I'm trying desperately to not fall in love with.

In one night, he ruined me for all other non-fictional men—and fictional men. How am I supposed to survive six months, when we haven't kept our hands off each other since I arrived?

Sip Happens - A Novella

Love At All Cost Series (Book #5)


Love at first sight is only found in romance books… Right?

A hot Scottish archeologist walks into a curator’s office—sounds like the set up for a bad joke. Yet, here I am, face-to-face with the flirtatious and ruggedly handsome, Dr. Cameron Jackson, delivering items to catalog and display for the museum.

Falling prey to his charms should be the least of my worries. Except I want to give in, let him chase me.

Since I am working on his brother’s upcoming excavation, spending time with him is a terrible idea. The last thing I should do is sleep with him, but I can’t deny the instant connection we share, or how I desperately want more than either of us can offer.

What could go wrong if we had one night… or maybe two?

Sip Happens-2.jpg

The Al Dente Diet

An ErotiCom Novel

At his friend’s suggestion, and years of not cashing in his vacation time, Richard takes six weeks off to eat his way through Italy. In a comedy of errors, his flight is torture, he accidentally cancels his walking tour reservation, and has been hit on by nearly every woman he encounters after landing in Verona.


Italy isn’t what he thought it would be, until he meets an intriguing woman who shows zero interest, which only piques his.


Catarina isn’t your typical mafia princess, working as her family's enforcer. Using the sweet American tourist as an alibi for a hit, he complicates her plans and is forced into her world. While their attraction is undeniable, Cat doesn’t do relationships, love, or anything resembling feelings. The last thing she needs is to be involved with a man who is leaving in six weeks. Determined to make the best of things, Richard manages to crack her hard exterior and finds himself eating more than Cat’s homemade pesto.


Magical Mischief Series (Book #1)


After getting wine-drunk on the anniversary of my husband's death, I'm certain I'm hallucinating when a hot, growly, and very naked man appears in my friend's cabin. I should probably call the authorities... 

But what am I supposed to do when the sexy man shifts into a wolf and becomes my pet for a month?

*Unshifted is a spicy paranormal/fantasy parody novella

Unshifted COVER.jpg

The Pelligini Crime Daddies

Mafia Parody Duet

Running from the Garden with Eden

and Not My Bodyguard's Keeper

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